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APCAN is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization with a straightforward mission: to educate and advocate on behalf of those affected by appendiceal cancer. Through the efforts of many APCAN will make a difference to both those stricken with appendiceal cancer as well as those affected by it.

We are pleased to announce that several physicians, all of whom are leading the charge against appendiceal cancer at the surgical and research front--have agreed to serve on APCAN’s Medical Advisory Board on a voluntary basis. Having access to this broad array of medical providers gives APCAN invaluable insight and guidance that simply can’t be bought at any price. APCAN certainly thanks these individuals for agreeing to help APCAN pursue and achieve its mission.

One project that we are pleased to post is our Physician Referral link. We believe this list of physicians represents a great starting point for anyone confronted with the challenge of selecting a physician or treatment center. We have also assembled a list of links that represent information available on the world wide web that appendiceal cancer patients and their supporters may find useful both from a technical and human standpoint.

We hope that the information that APCAN has gathered and continues to update will facilitate your road to recovery.


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